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Dog Training Classes in Lichfield

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Dog Training Classes in Lichfield

I now have Puppy and Dog Training classes available in Lichfield, Staffordshire!

In September 2018, I took over Puppy Training Classes and Dog Training Classes from Scott Allen at Scamp’s School of Dog Training. Classes are held at St Chad’s Scout Hut, The Leasowe, WS13 7HH on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Whilst the syllabus for Puppy Training Class includes all the usual skills you would expect to find (sit, down, stand, stay etc.) I also tailor courses to ensure they meet the needs of the individual owners and puppies in each group. Having a perfect “heel” may be useful if you’re looking to show your dog but for most owners not being dragged down the street is a good place to start.

Recall and Loose Lead Walking are very important skills for puppies to develop and often feature highly on owner’s wish lists. My methods of training these skills are very successful. I often warn owners that practicing recall on Lichfield playing fields may result in more than one Hilton Dogs’ graduate presenting themselves at your feet (there are over 250 and counting locally) – but hey, multiple puppy recalls? Bonus!

My Lichfield Dog Training classes are friendly, welcoming and inclusive. I am very happy for attendees to contact me between classes, either on social media or via text/email/call. Puppies are like newborns; they seldom wait for the most convenient time to test you. Other people may not be feel comfortable asking questions in a class environment (although when they do they are often met with knowing glances and nodding from the others present). I’m happy to share all I know and questions are always welcomed.

All members of the family are welcome to come along to Puppy Training Class. The youngest trainers often put us all to shame with their effectiveness and enthusiasm. My Dog Training classes are a lot of fun; the canine enrichment week (with lots of mental agility and feeder toys) is always very popular with ideas for all the family during puppy playtime at home.

I only use positive, kind and effective methods to help you train your dog. I am proud to say I never need to touch a dog to teach them, although “Auntie Lou” cuddles are often requested. My determination to offer the best Puppy Training Classes I can means that my personal development is ongoing. I am currently completing a “Puppy Development” and “Puppy Care – Health and Coaching” courses through Canine Principles. When I am entrusted to help train a puppy I take that responsibility very seriously.

I do not permit half or full choke collars, slip leads, anti pull harnesses or nose/face collars (haltis) in my training classes. There is no shouting, yanking, push positioning, pinning or lead popping, not least because they are wholly unnecessary in any training environment. We learn as a group in a fun, positive environment. I’m very proud that many Lichfield Puppy Training Class graduates have continued onto the Bronze, Silver and Gold Obedience classes.

Bronze Obedience Class

I currently offer a Bronze Obedience Class in Lichfield. This is a Dog Training class (obedience based) that runs for 8 weeks. This is a class for dogs that have completed Puppy Training Classes; those have basic skills or those who are absolute beginners to Dog Training Classes. It’s also popular with owners who haven’t had a new dog for many years and want to refresh their own training skills.

Whilst the Bronze syllabus is set around loose lead walking, impulse control, good manners and tricks, I tailor each course to the individual attendees present and their individual dog training aims.

The classes are small (up to 7 dogs) and I always aim to offer a friendly, supportive environment. The owners tend to end up forming good friendships whilst bonding over common training needs. I often see groups setting up their own “after class” play sessions. It’s great to see!

Details of the next starting date for Bronze Obedience is available through our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via the contact page.

Silver & Gold Obedience Class

If you would like to find out more about the next Silver or Gold Obedience class, please contact me through the contact page.

Dogs in each class

Puppys Trained

Dogs Trained

Happy Dogs


“The dog training classes are small so that everyone gets the attention they need whilst feeling relaxed and informal. Louise uses only positive training methods based on reward and my dog Ted responds brilliantly to this. I would highly recommend Louise as a dog trainer – her methods are effective whilst being kind and creating a positive bond with your dog.”



“We found the puppy classes extremely useful, both for socialising and working on our tricks and obedience through positive training methods. Now just under a year later we are still active members, but of Dog School. Louise is a fantastic dog trainer, she is happy to tailor her classes to suit the needs of all and encourages a friendly, positive and fun atmosphere.”


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Dog Training Services

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So, your new puppy is finally ready to come home – are you ready? My “Welcome Home New Puppy” session helps you to give your new puppy the very best start in their new home.

Puppy Training

Puppies are funny, silly and crazy… but so much fun. The positive energy during my Puppy Training in Derbyshire classes should be bottled up and made available on the NHS.

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The first two years of a dog’s life is when most people actively attend Adult Dog Training classes. Adult Dog Training is important for all dogs, many need regular mental stimulation…

One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.

(NEW) Dog Training Classes in Lichfield

I now have Puppy and Dog Training classes available in Lichfield, Staffordshire and I only use positive, kind and effective dog training methods to help you train your dog.




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