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Dog Training Derbyshire

Here’s where to find all the ways to contact me about Dog Training in Derbyshire. Listed below are contact details to reach me via phone, email or social media. Please note, as an active Dog Trainer, I am occasionally in outdoor locations with poor signal or Wi-Fi. I will however contact you as soon as I am able. A phone voicemail or text message is the best way to reach me with urgent enquires.

If you require information regarding start dates for Puppy Training in Derbyshire this can often be found on my Book Now page. Full details of the classes, along with any Dog Training Workshops currently being run, are advertised there in the first instance.

As well as owners, as a Positive and Modern Dog Trainer I welcome enquiries from Vets, Canine Therapists, Dog Rehabilitation Experts and Rescue Centers who may be looking for assistance from a positive Dog Trainer when working with dogs to overcome behavioural issues.

Popular Frequently Asked Questions
Where is your Puppy Training carried out?

I currently train at Hilton Village Hall and Repton Village Hall in South Derbyshire. 

How big are Puppy Training classes?

My classes are small groups of up to six puppies.

How old does my Puppy need to be to attend?

Puppies must have completed their vaccinations before attending. The puppy training classes are suitable for puppies up to 5 months old. 

What methods do you use to teach dogs in classes/workshops?

I adhere to the code of ethics issued to all qualified members of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

I use positive reinforcement to teach dogs, which is reward based. These are approved and recommended methods that sit in line with the field of modern dog training. 

Will you come to my home or should I come to you for our one to one consultation?

Normally, I recommend we meet at your home to ensure your dog is comfortable in their surroundings and therefore most likely to offer the behaviour that we may be addressing. In some instances, we may need to take a walk during our one to one dog training consultation or work outsides but this will be agree with you in advance.

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