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louise-burton Having been an animal lover all my life, in 2013 I decided to change my career path and study specifically the field of Positive Dog Training & Canine Behaviour. Modern, positive dog training is something I feel passionate about but as with many positive dog trainers my journey began spending time with lots of different types of dogs.

My journey began as a volunteer dog walker at Ashbourne Animal Welfare (The Ark). Being able to spend time with so many dogs there inspired me to begin my studies with the end goal of being able to help some of these sweet souls who had found themselves looking for new homes. I knew I had to start with the basics and build my experience before I could make any meaningful change, so I started digesting the relevant study books in evenings after work. My confidence grew and grew and in the summer of 2016 I set up Hilton Dogs. Initially offering dog walking, pet taxi and home visits, I began to build my practical experience and skills whilst continuing my studies into the field of positive dog training.

Four years later after my journey began, in December 2017, I became an accredited Dog Trainer with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers). The IMDT is the leading education provider for Positive Dog Trainers and Behaviourists and is a Registered Learning Centre for The Open College Network. I am extremely proud to be a member of a forward thinking, modern, kind and ethical institution. I have been taught positive, kind and effective methods of training based on the most up to date knowledge of how dogs learn. I am not a “pack leader”, I do not need to “dominate” dogs or intimidate them. If I did, then I would choose a different career, for this is not how I choose to interact with other sentient beings.

The positive dog training methods I use do not require aversive tools (choke chains, electric shock collars, water sprays, noise generating “correctors” or citronella collars). The world of dog training is ever changing, and I believe the future is very bright, not to mention force free!

Whilst studying, I completed a number of courses including:

  • Career as a Dog Trainer – 2 day Course (IMDT)
  • Practical Instructor – 4 day Course (IMDT)
  • Puppy Lab – Puppy Development Course (SOCS)
  • Scent For Six – Scentwork Course (SOCS)
  • 30 Days of Canine Science (SOCS) 
  • Basic Dog Handling & Training Skills (CIDBT)
  • Professional Instructor Skills & Management (CIDBT)
  • Common Canine Behaviour Problems (CIDBT)
  • Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour (CIDBT)
  • Dog First Aid  – 1/2 Day Practical Course (Dog First Aid – Derbyshire)

My personal development continues daily (and will do forever as research and industry knowledge increases) and I am currently completing Puppy Development and Puppy Care – Health and Coaching courses through Canine Principles. My next course will be Canine Nutrition and Health.

My ambition remains to become a Canine Behaviour Therapist. By setting up Hilton Dogs in 2016, I was able to improve my positive dog training practical skills working with dogs every day, whether that be walking them, playing with them or working alongside their owners through a training plan. The last few years have been an amazing journey and I’m so excited about the future. I am blessed to have worked alongside some amazing dogs and owners and I hope to do so for many years to come.

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“The 6-week puppy course was detailed, informative and resourceful. Louise instantly made us all feel at ease and was not only full of knowledge about all aspects of training but also taught us how to understand dog behaviours and their needs. I have already recommended Louise and Hilton Dogs to other friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a class that really does deliver results.”



“The dog training classes are small so that everyone gets the attention they need whilst feeling relaxed and informal. Louise uses only positive training methods based on reward and my dog Ted responds brilliantly to this. I would highly recommend Louise as a dog trainer – her methods are effective whilst being kind and creating a positive bond with your dog.”


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Welcome Home Puppy

So, your new puppy is finally ready to come home – are you ready? My “Welcome Home New Puppy” session helps you to give your new puppy the very best start in their new home.

Puppy Training

Puppies are funny, silly and crazy… but so much fun. The positive energy during my Puppy Training in Derbyshire classes should be bottled up and made available on the NHS.

One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.

Puppy Socialisation

Puppy Socialisation+ sessions offer safe, age appropriate and fun socialisation with a Professional Dog Trainer on hand to ensure your puppy gets the very best experience and play skills to last them a lifetime.

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The positive dog training methods I use do not require aversive tools (choke chains, electric shock collars, water sprays, noise generating “correctors” or citronella collars). The world of dog training is ever changing, and I believe the future is very bright, not to mention force free!



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