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Puppy Socialisation

Safe, Age Appropriate and Fun Socialisation
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Puppy Socialisation Sessions

A new puppy’s “Socialisation Window” starts to close around 16 weeks old and is closed completely by just 20 weeks! With vaccinations effective around 10-12 weeks of age it means meeting the 100 – 150 dogs required to socialise your puppy before 20 weeks can be difficult.

My Puppy Socialisation+ sessions offer safe, age appropriate and fun socialisation with a Professional Dog Trainer on hand to ensure your puppy gets the very best experience and play skills to last them a lifetime. Small groups of puppies and a session time of 45 minutes ensures each puppy receives sufficient supervision and are not overwhelmed, over stimulated or over exercised. My Puppy Socialisation+ sessions are run on grassed or impact appropriate flooring to protect those sensitive and important growth plates. There are ground level, puppy appropriate toys for them to share and interact with and each week you get the added bonus of receiving professional advice on a range of subjects to help your puppy make the very best start before training begins.

You can book Puppy Socialisation+ sessions in blocks of 4 for just £40. To capture your puppy’s socialisation window you should enrol your puppy before they reach 16 weeks old (age at the first session). Attendees are capped at 18 weeks old (age at the first session) to ensure age appropriate play can take place.

So, what is the +? Good question! I always aim to offer my owners and their dogs something extra. Having run puppy training classes for over 5 years, I know first hand that many owners value advice on some areas of puppyhood long before obedience training begin. Often these are more “soft skills” but are still extremely important in making your puppy (and your family’s) life as easy as possible. For this very reason, each week, attendees of my Puppy Socialisation+ sessions will receive guidance and demonstrations on each of the following subjects:

  • Desensitising harnesses and leads
  • Preparing for grooming sessions
  • Body language and play manners (dog and human)
  • Puppy biting & mouthing

I’ll share with you information about development stages and when the biting will get better (it does….honest!), the importance of protecting their growth plates (puppy bones) and give you all the support you need to know when socialising your puppy in all the other areas such as around children, different people and places! Whilst having a young puppy is magical, it is without doubt one of the most challenging periods and sometimes having friendly, qualified ear to listen and guide you is just what you need. Puppy Socialisation+ sessions are friendly, welcoming and inclusive – there are no silly questions to ask!

See my Book now page to send me a message and book your session.

Alongside Puppy Socialisation+ sessions, I also offer Puppy Training.

Dogs in each class

Puppies Trained

Dogs Trained

Happy Dogs


“The 6-week puppy course was detailed, informative and resourceful. Louise instantly made us all feel at ease and was not only full of knowledge about all aspects of training but also taught us how to understand dog behaviours and their needs. I have already recommended Louise and Hilton Dogs to other friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a class that really does deliver results.”



“We found the puppy classes extremely useful, both for socialising and working on our tricks and obedience through positive training methods. Now just under a year later we are still active members, but of Dog School. Louise is a fantastic dog trainer, she is happy to tailor her classes to suit the needs of all and encourages a friendly, positive and fun atmosphere.”


vet recommended

Dog Training Services

Welcome Home Puppy

So, your new puppy is finally ready to come home – are you ready? My “Welcome Home New Puppy” session helps you to give your new puppy the very best start in their new home.

Puppy Training

Puppies are funny, silly and crazy… but so much fun. The positive energy during my Puppy Training in Derbyshire classes should be bottled up and made available on the NHS.

One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.



Puppy and Dog Training Gallery


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