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One to One Dog Training in Derbyshire

One to One Dog Training – sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable. From UK and overseas rescues, ex-racing dogs, nervous and aggressive dogs to those working in a human supportive role such as Assistance Dogs, one to one dog training can offer the dog (and owner) the training solution they need.

“Problem” behaviour exhibited by pet dogs can be both confusing and frustrating to owners. My one to one dog training sessions focus on sharing my knowledge with you to enable you to understand what your dog is doing and why. In many instances, many owners feel relieved simply understanding why the behaviour is occurred and empowered when I support them with a training plan suitable for their dog. We work together as a team to ensure the plan is clear, easy to follow and suitable to individual circumstances and lifestyles.

I have successfully helped owners to address the following problem behaviours through one to one dog training sessions:

  • Jumping up
  • Play biting/mouthing
  • Pulling on the lead when walking
  • Lunging and barking at other dogs
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Food stealing/counter surfing
  • Aggression around food/resource guarding
  • Fecal Eating
  • Fear of other dogs/people and traffic

In some instances, having worked closely with a dog who was previously afraid (fear reactive) of other dogs I have been able to welcome them into one of my Adult Dog Training classes.

Of course, there are no guarantees that this outcome is achievable or suitable for all reactive and/or fearful dogs however it does give hope to those whose dogs are struggling that a suitable one to one dog training and support plan can greatly improve the size of their “doggy world” especially if they’ve spent a long time having to avoid other dogs or Adult Dog Training classes.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of one to one dog training for your dog, please contact me through my contact page.

Dogs in each class

Puppys Trained

Dogs Trained

Happy Dogs

Rachel & Karen

“The support and advice Louise have to myself and my partner during our one to one training session was incredibly beneficial. She gave us practical tips and ideas on loose lead walking to ensure we were happy and our greyhound was happy out on walks. Thank you for the much needed help and support Louise.”



“My puppy Minnie was really struggling to grasp how to walk nicely on her lead. She was so friendly and wanted to greet every person and every dog she saw on walks but this meant she was often pulling and jumping up at people. Louise has offered very practical tips and advice during our one to one sessions and most importantly Minnie really enjoys training with her.”


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One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.

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