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One to One Dog Training

A more personal and focussed approach
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One to One Dog Training in Derbyshire


One to One Dog Training – Sometimes, a more personal and focussed approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom general obedience classes may not be the answer or maybe you’d just prefer to work with a professional trainer outside of a class environment.

New for 2021
One to One Dog Training Bundles!

2020 was a year like no other. A lack of socialisation opportunities for puppies (whose critical socialisation period closes between 16-20 weeks of age!) has resulted in some struggling to cope with strangers coming into their home, being comfortable around other dogs and people or being difficult to walk in public places. Older dogs have grown used to not being left alone or nervous of new people walking past or coming into their homes. Sadly, there was little owners could do to avoid these issues arising, however now is the time to get your dog the help it needs to adjust to a post-lockdown world. These are training/behavioural needs that are unlikely to be resolved simply by attending obedience classes.

My one to one dog training sessions focus on sharing my knowledge with you to enable you to understand what your dog is doing and why. In many instances, many owners feel relieved simply understanding why the behaviour is occurred and empowered when I support them with a training plan suitable for their dog. We work together as a team to ensure the plan is clear, easy to follow and suitable to individual circumstances and lifestyles. Training takes time; “quick fixes” demonstrated in entertainment dog trainer TV shows seldom work long term, by investing in a training bundle, you will know you and your dog will have a dog trainer led, fully supported, training plan in place to set you on the road to success. All one to one dog training sessions are arranged at a time to suit you. I will contact you to arrange your first session once you have chosen and booked your training bundle.

Please note, my session wait time can be up to two weeks at busy times.

Please note – these one to one dog training bundles are not indicative on how long one to one trainer support may be required to resolve behavioural issues or more complex training needs. Whilst professional advice is provided, as the owner, you will be required to train alongside your dog between sessions to achieve success. I will not work with your dog without you present and do not offer “residential training”. I will work in the environment which is appropriate to you and your dog’s training needs, this could be your home, outdoors or in a secure training area.

UK or Overseas Rescue Dog Owners

Please contact me to discuss your dog’s training needs before purchasing a one to one training session or bundle.

Option 1: “Train as you go” = £75 per hour*

Suitable for training skills such as not pulling on lead, recall or to address common issues such as jumping up people or other attention seeking behaviours. *New customers must purchase an “Initial assessment and training session” which will last up to 1.5 hours and costs £95. Subsequent sessions (if required) are charged at £75 per hour.

Option 2: “3 Session Bundle” = £195 (3 x 1 hour sessions)

Recommended for dogs with more than one training need or that are also exhibiting low-level behavioural issues (anxiety/reactivity).

Option 3: “5 Session Bundle” = £305 (5 x 1 hour sessions)

Recommended for dogs with multiple training needs or that require longer support whilst working through behaviour modification programmes.

In all instances, a written training report will be provided after your first session.

Dogs in each class

Puppys Trained

Dogs Trained

Happy Dogs

Rachel & Karen

“The support and advice Louise have to myself and my partner during our one to one training session was incredibly beneficial. She gave us practical tips and ideas on loose lead walking to ensure we were happy and our greyhound was happy out on walks. Thank you for the much needed help and support Louise.”



“My puppy Minnie was really struggling to grasp how to walk nicely on her lead. She was so friendly and wanted to greet every person and every dog she saw on walks but this meant she was often pulling and jumping up at people. Louise has offered very practical tips and advice during our one to one sessions and most importantly Minnie really enjoys training with her.”


vet recommended

Dog Training Services

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Puppies are funny, silly and crazy… but so much fun. The positive energy during my Puppy Training in Derbyshire classes should be bottled up and made available on the NHS.

One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.



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